A colourful mix of services and manufacturers.

At our headquarters’ premises in Weiler, Vorarlberg (Western Austria) you will find several companies – a colourful mix of services and manufacturers ensuring a vibrant coexistence. Among them a horse farm, a musician’s studio, and a packaging manufacturer – all of them innovative and inspiring in their own way. That is the spirit that reigns on our ALLSPORT CAMPUS.


Textile Services and manufacturing. Collection concept, design, pattern making, prototyping, grading, samples and Organisation of production in Europe.

Ludescher OG

Rental of office and storage space.

Feldstrasse 15

Studio, seminar rooms, training rooms, Office-Sharing


Stefan Susana

Conductor – Cellist – Mental coach

Pferdehof Weiler

equestrian education for children between 3 and 12 Years

Griechisches Öl

Direct imported extra virgin olive oil from Arcadia (Peloponnese), from the area around Tiros.

Seidl elektronik

pratopac Verpackungen